Flat-Rate                 Dryer Repair   
$155.00                     plus parts

Home Appliance Warranty Coverage

     When your manufacturer's warranty has expired and your appliance fails, who do you turn to? The search for a repair technician can be daunting and filled with endless phone calls, untimely scheduling, and a hefty bill if you're lucky enough to find a service company to do the repairs. At Serv-Teks LLC, we know your home appliances are vital components of your everyday life. They simplify your life and schedule by making cooking, cleaning, and even laundry easier. Unfortunately, typical wear and tear from everyday use, along with age, can result in appliances that break down. Malfunctions are simply part of owning appliances, which means repair or replacement is inevitable. Serv-Teks LLC offers appliance protection plans that make these inevitable breakdowns less stressful.

     Serv-Teks LLC appliance warranty coverage protects the components and parts of many home appliances. When a covered appliance malfunctions, you can trust Serv-Teks  to send  you to a qualified, professional service technician, who will diagnose your malfunction and recommend repair or replacement. You'll enjoy a thorough repair process on your covered appliances, and chances are you will enjoy some financial relief from the immediate unexpected expenses associated with a repair or replacement of your appliance. Your Serv-Teks home appliance warranty provides for repair or replacement of your covered appliances with a maximum allowances. Additional coverage is available for custom, built-in, and high end appliances, charges may apply depending on the necessary repair or replacement.

    Home appliance warranty coverage provides an additional layer of security for your appliances, offering coverage that  standard appliance insurance policies do not want to offer. Don't let an appliance malfunction cause you stress. Minimize the hassle of your repair and manage the expenses with a home appliance protection plan.


Explore appliance warranty coverage for:









     If your dishwasher is not running properly or perhaps not at all, your Serv-Teks home appliance warranty plan has you covered. When your appliance fails we understand the impact it has on your schedule and time set aside for family. 


                                                                  Clothes Washer

      A malfunctioning washing machine can leave you with loads (quite literally) of dirty clothes and a trip to the laundromat to squeeze into your already busy schedule. When you experience a problem with your washing machine, Serv-Teks will send you a qualified, professional service technician who will repair or replace your failing washing machine. 




                                                                  Clothes Dryers

     A malfunction with your clothes dryer can result in loads of laundry that continue to pile up, or worse, damp and smelling moldy. Electric or Gas your dryer is a key part of doing the laundry and even on a perfect summer day it takes time to hang all that laundry outside, time that could be spent enjoying the sunshine. The Serv-Teks Home Appliance Warranty can get you back to doing what you love, and your dryer back to doing what it should.




                                                              Garbage Disposals

    A  garbage disposal that's not functioning properly not only requires repair, but can leave a clogged sink, standing water, and a smelly kitchen, which can add stress to your already busy life, and that really stinks. With a Serv-Teks Home Appliance Warranty you're covered. We will repair or replace your disposal so water goes down the drain, and not your money.






                                                        Built-in Microwave Ovens

    Built-in microwaves are a modern-day convenience that you probably use quite often. However, this appliance has a life of around 7-8 years, and during that time, you might experience more than one malfunction. A Serv-Teks Home Appliance Warranty offers a layer of protection when these malfunctions occur so you can keep cool and still keep the food hot. 






      Dinnertime becomes much more difficult when your oven malfunctions. If your unit won't heat, or burners won't ignite, uneven baking, a Serv-Teks Home Appliance Warranty can get you cooking again in no time.






     Your refrigerator is used  every day and night.  With that kind of regular use, normal wear and tear is inevitable. When your refrigerator stops running and starts walking, your Serv-Teks Home Appliance Warranty will cover the repair of your malfunctioning refrigerator per plan chosen and the warranty terms.








    Everyday breakdowns of your home systems typically aren't covered by homeowners insurance, which is why Serv-Teks is here to help. Serv-Teks warranties offer coverage of major appliances your home, including your electrical system, and this coverage picks up where your homeowners insurance policy leaves off. Serv-Teks home warranties provide broad coverage of many common electrical malfunctions.

With your electrical system covered, there's no need to stress when you experience a problem. When covered malfunctions occur, Serv-Teks will send a qualified, professional service contractor who will diagnose the problem and, if the problem is covered, identify a solution by repairing or replacing the failed component or part.

Serv-Teks Add-on Plans

Add-ons are available to any plan for an additional charge and cannot be purchased as its own plan.

Available add-ons are as follows

- Electrical 

  • Direct current wiring

  • Breakers (up to 60 amp 220v)

  • Built-in exhaust fans (Bathroom, Attic)

  • Switches

  • Outlets

  • Fixtures including ceiling fans available for additional charge

Not covered are the following:

  • Face plates

  • Circuit overload

  • Wiring for audio, video, computer, intercom, cable, alarms and other security systems


- Ductwork and Vents

  • Ductwork and vent repairs

  • Exhaust vent cleaning

  • Cold air return cleaning

  • Yearly furnace filter replacement (Free filter included and typically replaced when duct cleaning is done unless specified otherwise )

 Plan pricing and appliances covered vary by condition, size of household, plan purchased, add-ons, and Trade Service Charge chosen.

            Rest assured , with any plan you choose, you become part of the Serv-Teks LLC family, and family is always #1 to us! 

Items available for coverage

  • Clothes Washer

  • Clothes Dryer

  • Wall Oven

  • Dishwasher

  • Range/Stove

  • Cooktop Stove

  • Refrigerator

  • Stand Alone Freezers

  • Trash Compactors

  • Garage Door Openers

  • Built in or Over the Range Microwave

  • Water Heater

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